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  • Foure Holdings LLC specializes in Real Estate Development, EPC Contracts Development, Financing, and Mergers & Acquisitions across the United States, South Korea, and Turkey. With a strategic focus on these sectors, we leverage our expertise to drive growth and create value in diverse markets.



Our company specializes in the development of EPC contracts and offers financial solutions tailored to these contracts. We provide comprehensive turnkey services through collaboration with top-tier contractors and experts in the field. Our focus is on offering EPC-F consultancy services to construction firms in various countries, ensuring seamless project execution and optimal results.


Real Estate Development

We specialize in developing real estate projects within secure markets to satisfy the demands of both individual and corporate investors. Our approach involves providing lucrative solutions encompassing legal procedures, construction blueprints, securing equity partners, and delivering turnkey services. Partnering with California's foremost architects, we meticulously craft our projects, considering even the minutest details to ensure excellence in every aspect of our work.

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Mergers and Acquisitions

Thanks to our extensive network of global investors, we seamlessly cater to your service and financial needs. Whether you're focused on partnership ventures, company transfers, or financial transactions, we handle all your financial operations with utmost diligence.

Benefiting from our commitment to client confidentiality, we refrain from mentioning specific names. However, our track record speaks volumes, with closings exceeding $500 million across diverse sectors ranging from healthcare to technology. Additionally, we proudly serve as trusted partners to some of the largest investors in the US, Turkey, and South Korea


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